nancy3"For almost 30 years, I have successfully provided intensive and comprehensive treatment for eating disorders, couples therapy, trauma and anxiety. I am dedicated to helping those who are looking for healing and a new beginning."


Nancy Stroud helped me a lot more with dealing with my step mother, and social anxiety of being in a large group of people or at school, and having to speak in front of them. I talked about what I wanted to talk about on my own pace and she really listened. I talked about all the things that bother me, with the technics that she used it eliminated all my concern. Now I feel calm, relax, happy, better and no negativity. I really recommend her to anybody that wants to make changes.”

“I really liked this experience. It used your imagination to focus on your most important problem, or what it is torturing you, and by following the steps Nancy gave you, you could get away from it. Nancy’s procedure is really fast and you do not even have to explain the problem that is affecting you to her, because you are working with your own mind and imagination. I visited Nancy because I had continuous nightmares, but thanks to her procedure these bad dreams stopped. I highly recommend this procedure because it worked fantastic for me.”

“Nancy helped me overcome my issues with my childhood trauma.. We talked and she made me realize that it wasn’t my fault and I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

“I had the privilege of experiencing Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) facilitated by Nancy Stroud. I was experiencing severe emotional distress stress due to being faced with important career decisions. Although I am currently a psychotherapist, I noticed traditional talk therapy and self care provided minimal relief. This anxiety impacted my ability to focus and my tenacity began to decline in spite of my attempt to utilize my own therapeutic skills. This stress caused sleep problems as my mind was going a thousand miles a minute.

As the RRT session began, calm began to slowly spread throughout my body as I listened to Nancy’s calming voice. Her nurturing approach created a sense of safety and security. I was able to be in the moment and all mental and physical distractions began to subside. As the end of the session neared, my stress level decreased significantly. I felt no stress and was very relaxed. It was following this one session that I had a renewed drive to make the decisions I needed to make with a firm resolution. I have not regretted the decision I made. That evening I sleep as sound as a baby and have done so every since. This one session made a HUGE difference in every area of my life.

If you feel stuck and want a fast resolution to your problems, I highly recommend Rapid Resolution Therapy as facilitated by Nancy Stroud. The facilitator of RRT should be by a highly trained RRT therapist. I believe your willingness, and a skilled RRT therapist, is the key to resolving issues that may have plagued you for years.”

Dee Gardner-Wilson, LMSW, LCDC, EMDRII, CSAT-c

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