Is It Just Stress and Worry, or Is It Anxiety?

Are you wondering if you might be experiencing the symptoms of an anxiety disorder? Modern life is stressful, and many of us feel pressure to excel in our careers, create the “perfect” family, earn money and status and/or just keep doing better than we’ve done before. Many people struggle to balance all of the conflicting demands on their time and energy and sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything they feel they have to do. It’s possible that you feel stuck and fearful of failure, or that you’ve found it difficult to make decisions or embrace opportunities because you worry things will go wrong. Maybe it feels as though fear is making your decisions for you and holding you back from your life.

In order to find relief from worry and begin to make healthy, productive choices, it’s important to take a look at the emotions, thoughts and life events you are experiencing. The following quiz can help you assess any concerning symptoms, learn more about anxiety and anxiety disorders and better understand how to take care of your overall wellbeing.

Anxiety Therapy Quiz — How Might a Therapist Help You?

The following statements address common symptoms of anxiety. Although every person is unique and therefore experiences anxiety differently, these considering whether you find these statements ring “true” or “false” can help you better understand the challenges you are facing today. This quiz is not meant to serve as a diagnostic tool. However, by reflecting on these statements with openness and honesty, you can gain clarity and figure out your next steps toward living with greater calm and ease.

Simply read each statement and answer T for True or F for False. Score one point per True answer. Then, add up your points and read on to learn more about what your score means.


  1. I often fear that I will lose something important to me, such as my job or my relationship.



  1. I avoid going to certain places, such as a particular grocery store or grocery stores in general, because they make me nervous.



  1. I dread giving work presentations or speaking in public.



  1. I have experienced something troubling, and now I worry something similar will happen again.



  1. I frequently second-guess myself and worry that I will make the wrong decision.



  1. I feel awkward and on-edge during social interactions.



  1. I often think that something bad is going to happen and I won’t be able to handle it.



  1. I compare myself to others and find myself lacking.



  1. I sometimes experience confusing, concerning physical symptoms, such as stomach pain, shortness of breath and sweating.



  1. I worry that other people will see my discomfort and disapprove or judge . me.



0-3: You Are Likely Experiencing Mild Anxiety

Your responses indicate that you are currently experiencing some anxious thoughts and feelings, but they are not necessarily impacting all aspects of your life or preventing you from pursuing your goals and interests. Although you have some fears about the future, they don’t consume you. You may have already developed a core foundation of resiliency, self-confidence and coping tools that helps you navigate life’s challenges. However, you do sometimes feel uneasy and unable to enjoy the present moment. Perhaps you are going through a period of transition and feel particularly stressed and uncertain right now. You may long to work through the fears and worries that still distract you and take away from your ability to live as your most balanced, empowered self.

During anxiety therapy, you can build on the strategies and tools you already have while developing more effective techniques to gain calm in moments of distress. By attending therapy now, before negative thought patterns become more engrained, you can set yourself on a path toward lasting relief and self-assurance. It takes courage to acknowledge moments when you need a little help, no matter how large or small your difficulties might feel. I invite you to call me at 281-693-1455 for a free, 15-minute phone consultation. You can ask me any questions you may have about anxiety therapy and my practice in Katy, TX.


4-6: You Are Likely Experiencing Moderate Anxiety

Your answers indicate that anxiety symptoms are causing some strain and discomfort in your life. While you may not necessarily have an anxiety disorder, something in your life is causing you to feel fearful and uneasy about the future. You may be questioning your capabilities and even your worth, especially when you compare yourself to others. You might be finding it increasingly difficult to sleep, perform well in your career or feel comfortable around others, even those you care about the most. Maybe you are going through a difficult period of transition, such as the loss of your job or the end of a relationship, which has brought dormant concerns to the surface. While anxiety symptoms are not holding you back from living, they might be holding you back from thriving.

During anxiety therapy, you can begin to address symptoms of anxiety before they prevent you from living as your best, most empowered self. You can reclaim the time and energy currently dedicated to worry and self-doubt and start making choices that truly serve you. And, you can develop the coping tools you need to address negative thoughts and feelings now, so you feel equipped to navigate whatever challenges life throws your way. Don’t wait until anxiety causes you more pain. I invite you to call me at 281-693-1455 for a free, 15-minute phone consultation. You can ask me any questions you may have about anxiety therapy and my practice in Katy, TX.


7-10: You Are Likely Experiencing Severe Anxiety

Your responses indicate that worry is consuming much of your time and energy. You may be experiencing panic attacks, characterized by distressing physical symptoms and even the sensation that you might be dying. Perhaps you have gone to the emergency room, only to hear that nothing is “really wrong.” You feel uneasy when you are around others, from the clerk at the grocery store to your closest friends and loved ones. When you are out in public, you feel as though others are judging you or thinking about all of the ways you fall short. You may be fearful of seemingly ever-present danger and worry that harm will come to you or someone you love. As you think about the future, you may envision more disasters than triumphs. Perhaps, in an attempt to keep yourself safe, you have begun withdrawing from social events or activities you used to enjoy. You may be finding it difficult to go to work or complete necessary tasks, such as shopping, driving or riding public transportation. Maybe you sometimes feel that you just want to stay home and hide from the world.

Although you may feel stuck and trapped, there are ways to work through anxiety symptoms and find new, lasting peace. If you wish to reclaim your life, you need the help of an experienced, understanding professional. I invite you to call me at 281-693-1455 for a free, 15-minute phone consultation. You can ask me any questions you may have about anxiety therapy and my practice in Katy, TX.