Are You Struggling With Depression or Grief?

With over 25 years of professional experience, Nancy Stroud practices innovative approaches to therapy – featuring Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) since 2012 – mindfulness therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Nancy is skilled in Rapid Resolution Therapy with extensive experience helping people overcome their Depression or Grief. Depression can be caused by many different situations, and it can be associated with many different symptoms.

Sometimes, feelings of Depression can be associated with Grief

Drepression Therapy

Many people believe that Grief is a long process and overcoming Grief should take a long time. I disagree.

It is very important to understand that everyone deals with Grief differently. Grief usually follows a loss. That can be loss of a job, or an important role in life, but most often it is the loss of a loved one.

Some people say they feel guilty if they don’t suffer the loss of a loved one for a long time. Some feel pressured by a society that advocates for deep and long feelings of suffering as the healthy and normal way out of Grief.

Others have said that the people around them expect their Grief to last for a long time and if it doesn’t, they are “in denial.”

RRT views “Grief” differently. Grief is a state of suffering.

The goal of RRT is to end suffering in all of its manifestations. When you are suffering, it is not good for yourself or those you care about.

In Rapid Resolution Therapy, we start from the belief that to end suffering is good for your health and well-being, and it frees you to show your care for everything that matters in your life.

Prolonged Grief is Dysfunctional

Depression Therapy

Sorrow over the loss of a loved one is a normal human reaction.

However, Prolonged Grief is a dysfunctional state where the primitive mind triggers thoughts or feelings that you “should” keep that physical connection to your loved one as it was, even though it is no longer possible. (Their physical body no longer exists).

In RRT, we recognize that your loved one’s passing is not the cause of Grief, but rather those painful emotions caused by the primitive part of the mind demanding a physical connection. RRT can help you overcome Grief by helping you to try new ways to reconnect with your loved one in a different form.

You can be at peace and celebrate the connection that is ongoing and present.

Pressure from Family and Society

Many people feel pressure from society that equates suffering with the amount of love that they have. So Grief is prolonged. And yet, the amount of Grief has nothing to do with the amount of love you feel for your loved one.

This may arise from the belief that Grief is the only connection that remains between you and your loved one – the only way to keep your connection is through Grief – and if you give up grieving, you will lose that connection.

RRT holds that Grief is not the connection. In fact, Grief may be blocking your true connection.

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Depression May Be Caused by Separation

Have you been experiencing feelings of overwhelming sadness, loss, or guilt? Do you struggle to find relief from a cycle of negative thoughts?

Self-Fulfillment Happiness

Depression is a condition that may arise from a feeling of separation from people who are important to you or from your expectations of your own happiness. Deep Depression can distort your ability to see your life situation the way it really is.

For instance, you may be comparing your life to others and feel that you are not doing enough or have not achieved enough to feel successful and happy. Some people who reach professional or personal success cannot shake a feeling of emptiness, or that they feel inferior inside.

If this sounds familiar, you may have been struggling with negative thoughts, feelings or sensations until they are now too great. Although you may be in a dark place right now, there is hope for a happier, more fulfilling life. With my guidance, you can finally overcome the source of your Depression and move forward with greater peace and confidence.

Please call today if you want to feel better.

Reaching out for support is a sign of strength. A new beginning is possible! I am here to help. Call now to schedule your first appointment: (281) 693-1455

Depression Can Affect Anyone

For anyone dealing with depression, it can feel like no one else understands what you’re going through. Depression is quite common today, and the COVID pandemic has only made it worse.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 21 million adults in the U.S. have at least one major depressive episode each year, and only half to two-thirds of those receive depression treatment.

Depression isn’t permanent: it is treatable.

It can arise during times of distress or uncertainty, relationship stress, major life transitions, or loss can trigger depressive episodes. For instance, taking on all the responsibilities of caring for the family may leave you without time to take care of your own concerns.

Whether you are faced with relationship problems, personal challenges, or loss, all of these stressors can contribute to feelings of Depression. Experiencing trauma, unhealthy relationships, or adverse childhood circumstances can carry pain from the past into your current life and partnerships.

You May Have Concerns About Depression Therapy

I worry that the therapist won’t actually understand what I’m going through.

Depression is so common and well-researched that a good therapist will understand what you are going through. Moreover, the relationship that you can form with a therapist is unlike any other you may have in your life.

This unique connection allows you to tell your story, be yourself, and feel completely heard. Therapy also gives you a valuable ally with whom to collaborate on a treatment plan that speaks specifically to your needs and goals.

I don’t have the time or money.

Depression or Grief therapy is an invaluable investment in the long-term. Left unaddressed, this can bleed into other areas of your life. It may sap your energy to perform your job or take care of your family. Or you may be spending money on unhealthy coping mechanisms or temporary distractions.

The earlier you intervene, the more you are going to save in the long-run. That includes protecting your finances, career, relationships, and personal health. Working together, we can develop ways for relieving depression that also protects you and your family.

I’m worried I’ll be judged for going to depression counseling.

Seeking help is a very courageous act. It may feel intimidating, but you will likely find that your friends and family support your decision. Moreover, starting therapy is a very personal matter; you have the right to choose it for yourself, regardless of what others think. I offer a judgment-free zone; regardless of any stigma you may notice in the outside world, you won’t find any here.

When You Are Ready, Help Is Here

If you have any questions about therapy for Depression or Grief, please call 281-693-1455. I am happy to address any concerns you have so that you can begin your journey to a better life.