Creating a Happier and Healthier Relationship

Do you want your relationship to be better, stronger, and more loving?

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Couples feeling disconnected and not communicating with each other is normal. It happens to every couple at one time or another. Couples in a healthy relationship have learned and developed tools and techniques they use to deal with the problems that cause disconnection and negative communication.

Do you feel like your partner is not really hearing you?

Are you left with feelings of resentment or frustration?

Has COVID made your relationship even harder?

There are so many different reasons why these feelings of disconnection happen. And stress on families in the COVID pandemic can make it worse. COVID has made being together in a relationship harder, and it was already challenging!

One of the greatest problems couples have today is too little time for each other. And too little time for each one of you on your own to care for yourself, individually. It is hard to care about the needs of the other if you feel that your own needs are being overlooked or dismissed.

When conflicts within a couple go unresolved, unhealthy patterns develop that eventually damage the feeling of trust and safety.

In couples counseling, I offer a safe environment to identify and work on healing these unhealthy patterns that may have developed slowly, over time.

Every couple can learn the tools and techniques they need to deal with the problems that cause disconnection and negative communication. But it does take time and a commitment to stay together.

Have you tried therapy before and it didn’t work?

Couples therapy can fail for many reasons.

Some individuals feel that their partner sabotaged therapy. Perhaps they didn’t like the therapist or the process, withheld and did not participate. In some cases, one partner often shows up late or delays by rescheduling often.

At times, couples let other life demands take priority, which interrupts or delays therapy.

Leaving therapy too soon, before the couple has learned and practiced the new tools and techniques to get through hard times, can cause a fallback to the old struggles.

If you tried couples counseling before and had trouble making it work, don’t give up.

There are two options: one is to try again together. The second option is for one to seek counseling individually. There are times when one partner needs a safe space to learn how to cope or find relief. In this case, the one who is committed to getting better may decide to seek counseling alone.

How to start again to work on your relationship – effectively

In the beginning, when couples seek counseling, one or both may be feeling hurt, distrustful, angry or unheard.

Other family members can interfere also and interject chaos into the relationship. There are ways for one individual in a couple to let their ex-spouse interfere in the relationship.

Often, a couple’s focus is on immediate problems that may be caused by many other separate disagreements:

  • House cleaning
  • Shared responsibilities
  • Poor communication
  • Children
  • Money worries
  • Career stress
  • Ex-Spouse interfering

Holding handsCounseling can help by working together with your therapist to identify and resolve these topical issues. We work together on tools and techniques to deal these issues so that you can improve communication, renew and maintain a loving partnership.

In some cases, more chronic problems will require counseling that is more involved, such as Anger Management, Infidelity or Addictions.

All relationships take work. We can work together to help you learn new tools and techniques that couples in healthy relationships use to keep their communication open and supportive.

I have successfully counseled couples for more than 20 years and find that my experience enables me to get a clear picture quickly of the issues bothering a couple, so that I can support the couple as they move toward a happier, healthier relationship.

I invite you to call me at 281-693-1455 for a free, 15-minute phone consultation. You can ask me any questions you may have about couples counseling and my practice in West Houston and Katy, Texas.