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Everything We Know About Overcoming Grief is Wrong

Grief is a state of Suffering Grief can be exhausting. Losing a loved one, or a job or vocation, or divorce, or experiencing any other serious loss, can cause the suffering of Grief. Losing a loved one or a close relationship can leave an empty space in our life. Many believe that Grief should [...]

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Summertime Is Time to Take Care of You

Time to Take Care of You Every new season comes with a promise and burdens, too. Summer is no different. For many, Summertime brings hope for rest and recuperation. Vacation travel or days on the beach. Normal routines are relaxed during the Summer and may give way to more time for you. Summertime may [...]

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Hope Blooms in Springtime

Rapid Resolution Therapy Offers a Pathway to Healing Lady Bird Johnson was famous for her many contributions to society, including her hard work to beautify our external environment in parks and along the roadways. We can aim to remove “clutter” from our internal environment: useless thoughts and beliefs that get us stuck in places we [...]

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Keys to Manage Stress and Reduce Anxiety During the Coronavirus Epidemic

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak unfolds, feelings of stress and anxiety get worse, especially for those who have a history of depression or traumatic stress (PTSD). Uncertainty is one of the hardest things to manage. 7 Keys to Manage Stress and Reduce Anxiety Make a plan every day. If you are working from home or [...]

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Being Down During the Holidays Is Hard

Coping strategies for the holidays Negative emotions can creep in during the holidays, especially if you feel out of touch with family and friends. "The holidays can be the worst time of the year,” says Ken Duckworth, MD, medical director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. What causes holiday blues? Sadness is a personal [...]

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How to Recover from PTSD After Ending a Relationship with a Narcissist

Licensed in Texas only to provide psychotherapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). Recovery after a  breakup with a toxic narcissist can be hard to do. Psychological trauma from their abuse will not just go away. In fact, this type of abuse can cause long lasting post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. The abuse from a narcissist [...]

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First Responders with PTSD Symptoms: How to Find Help and Real Solutions

Our society relies heavily on first responders who put themselves in harm’s way every single day. These courageous individuals make sacrifices in order to protect their communities and to shield civilians from danger.

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Are You Exhibiting Signs of Parental Burnout or Depression? – 5 Practical Tips to Regain Balance

Has your life been feeling unbalanced lately? Does it seem like you focus all your attention and energy on your children and have nothing left for yourself? Being a parent can be wonderful, but it is also natural to sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. When this overwhelm reaches a certain point, it may even seem difficult to go on. In fact, many parents express feeling depressed or burnt out from the pressure of their parenting duties.

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Coping with Perfectionism and Anxiety – 4 Strategies That Work

Perfection. We all dream of achieving it. Some of us more than others. Of course, great achievements or outstanding work can give us a feeling of satisfaction and lift our self-esteem. But the unrelenting pursuit of perfection can cause quite the opposite. In fact, perfectionism can lead to chronic stress and anxiety.

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