Do You Feel As Though You Can’t Stop Worrying?

Feeling stuck? Are you limited in what you can do in life? Do you wish you could do more?

Holiday anxiety can make it worse.

Are you plagued by circular thinking about what might go wrong, especially when you’re facing a new or important experience? Do you find it difficult to feel content and present, even when you’re trying to enjoy yourself? Perhaps you feel especially high levels of stress in your job or career, and you often find yourself procrastinating or avoiding decisions because you fear you’ll do the wrong thing.

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If you’re single or divorced, you may fear that you’ll never have the kind of relationship you long for; on the other hand, if you are in a relationship, you may worry that it’s going to end and you’ll be left alone. You may often compare your financial situation, job standing, social life and relationships with those of others, only to feel as though you always come up short. It may seem as though you aren’t where you want to be in life, and you feel self-conscious, inadequate and stuck. Do you often anticipate failure and disappointment and feel as though you don’t have control over what happens to you? Do you wish you could feel calm, comfortable in your own skin and empowered to pursue your dreams and make positive changes in your life?

Worry, fear and stress are common anxiety symptoms that can make every day feel like a struggle. It may seem as though you can never do or say the right thing. Perhaps you feel like others are judging you, echoing and reaffirming all of the criticisms you already have about yourself. As you watch others go about their days, seemingly happy and carefree, you may feel ashamed and isolated, unable to share what’s really going on in your mind. In times of intense stress, you may have experienced the symptoms of a panic attack, such as shortness of breath and a racing heart, which makes you question whether or not something is truly wrong with you. In an attempt to avoid discomfort or panic, you may be cutting yourself off from opportunities, limiting your social interactions or refusing to try new things, even those that interest you. Perhaps you frequently feel overwhelmed and on edge, and you’re tired of letting fear make your decisions for you.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety Therapy

Whether you’re struggling with social interactions, career decisions, self-esteem or ever-present worry, you are not alone. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the United States. In fact, 50 million people—almost 20 percent of the population—struggle with anxiety. Anxiety can impact anyone, regardless of age, gender or background, and although women are more likely to seek treatment, anxiety in men is also extremely common.

In our modern American culture, we often associate self-worth with external makers of success. Many people grow up believing that they need the right kind of house, car, body, relationship and bank account in order to be fulfilled, happy and whole. However, in truth, external markers of success do not define your worth as a person, and the never-ending search for perfection can exacerbate anxiety symptoms.

In addition, biologically, humans are designed to perceive threats and defend ourselves when we feel threatened. Because our modern society is constantly stimulating, many of us perceive threats almost all of the time, sending our minds and bodies into fight, flight and freeze mode even when a danger isn’t truly present. This means many of us often feel tense, nervous and irritable, especially if we grew up surrounded by negative experiences that put our defensive mechanisms into overdrive. As your brain works to protect you from past or future danger, it understands that danger as though it is happening in the present. For example, as you worry that you’ll be fired, you feel all of the distress that being fired would bring. You might be stuck in a cycle of unpleasant emotions and uncomfortable body sensations even though nothing is going wrong in the present.

Thankfully, it is possible to interrupt negative thinking and find relief. With the help of a skilled anxiety therapist, you can calm your body, relax your mind and let go of the fear holding you back from the life you deserve.

Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Feel Confident and Carefree

Girl looking out windowOur brains are wired for survival, but with the progress of human civilization, they’ve also developed to help us negotiate, communicate and move through the world with kindness and grace. With help and support, you can learn to recognize and calm the fight, flight and freeze instinct, allowing your more developed brain­—the parts that make you you—to take control. You can feel calm, capable and in charge of your own life.

During anxiety treatment sessions, I offer a safe place for you to form a nurturing relationship with another person who understands what you’re going through. As we work together, I will truly listen to you with interest, empathy and objectivity. You’re not alone in your experience, and by connecting with someone who can receive your story with hope and positivity, you can begin to feel calm and present.

Talking with someone can also help you slow your brain’s automatic responses to stress, allowing you time to really investigate what you’re experiencing and begin to challenge negative thoughts and emotions that may not be based in truth.

Balance and Fulfillment

I will also help you practice breathing exercises that can soothe you in moments of distress, allowing you to step back and respond as your rational self, rather than react with fear. By paying attention to the sensations in your body, you can become better able to recognize and address moments of stress before they become overwhelming.

As you practice coping with anxiety, you can feel better able to make thoughtful, measured choices in any situation, leading to an increased sense of empowerment and hope for the future. And, I will help you quiet the self-critical voice telling you that you aren’t enough, and as you take positive steps toward the life you want to live, no matter how small, I will be there to celebrate each success along the way.

I am a skilled, empathetic anxiety therapist who can offer you new insight into your experience, illuminating solutions and strategies you may not have thought of before. It is possible for you to pursue your dreams and live with balance.

You can discover what you enjoy, accept life’s challenges and navigate the world with greater ease. I believe that you, with commitment and a willingness to grow, have the power to transform your life.

You may have questions or concerns about treatment for anxiety…

I don’t have time to meet with a therapist.

You likely already feel overworked, overwhelmed and unable to fit anything into your packed schedule. However, the feeling that you never have enough time is often a symptom of anxiety. Further, if your schedule really is overloaded, I invite you to consider whether or not a sense of perfectionism has led you to take on more than you can handle in an effort to prove your worth.

You don’t have to stretch yourself to the limit to have value. If you feel stressed, it is even more important to set aside time for your wellbeing. In anxiety treatment sessions, you can focus solely on connecting with someone who has the training and experience necessary to help you let go of perfectionism and self-criticism. It is possible for you to feel better. And, as you learn new coping skills, you are also likely to feel more engaged, focused, creative and energized to make the most of each moment.

Is anxiety therapy expensive?

Therapy is an investment in you and your overall, long-term wellbeing. Just as you would go to the doctor for a physical check-up, you should see a therapist to take care of your mental health. Many people wait until a crisis before they seek help. By showing yourself care and attention now, you can prevent hardship and stress in the future.

Doesn’t seeking help mean something’s wrong with me?

It takes courage to acknowledge your pain and decide to do something about it. There’s no reason to feel ashamed of seeking help. Although you may feel alone or afraid of judgment, remember that millions of people share your struggle with anxiety symptoms, and millions more seek therapy for mental health issues. In sessions, I will never judge or criticize you for what you share. Instead, I will offer you connection, compassion and strategies for positive change.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

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