The start of the new year is a perfect time to begin creating positive changes in your life.



We all wish for a better, happier life in the new year. However, we don’t have to just wish; we have the power to make positive changes.

For example, for this new year, start imagining how you would like your life to feel. You might want to be free of old worries, feel lighter and brighter, have stronger connections, and experience greater harmony.

Once you envision those changes, you can begin achieving those dreams of a happier new year.

I invite you to start the year by participating in a few sessions of Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). This new therapy offers immediate relief. In fact, you can begin creating positive changes in your life today.

Here are some of the major benefits that you can experience with RRT.

1. Replace Self-Blame and Self-Criticism with Self-Compassion and Self-Care

One of the most powerful benefits of Rapid Resolution Therapy is that you will better understand how human brains work and why we are all vulnerable to emotional difficulties.

You probably blame yourself for your own problems. However, once you gain insight into the way that human brains naturally work, you begin to understand that there’s nothing wrong with you at all.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a type of therapy that is founded on scientific principles. You will learn a few key facts about neuroscience in a way that truly empowers you to easily feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy with who you are.

Once you grasp how human brains are vulnerable to emotional glitches, and how easily humans get hurt by how their brains naturally work, you can stop blaming yourself for your problems. Moreover, you can begin to experience the comfort of true self-compassion.

2. Achieve Healing Without Retriggering the Past

People experience a wide range of negative experiences. Past childhood issues, a series of painful events, and very challenging situations add up over time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to heal from all of that?

Many people fear that working through past issues will just make them feel worse. Talking about the past can be upsetting. However, that’s not how it is with Rapid Resolution Therapy. In contrast to other therapy methods, no matter how upsetting past experiences or current situations are, RRT offers you a way to work through them that is uplifting and empowering. You will leave sessions quickly feeling new hope and beginning to have positive new behaviors and experiences.

In other words, you will feel free to move forward.

Rapid Resolution Therapy allows you to replace a negative past experience with a positive experience. Your brain interprets the negative past as an experience, and talking about the experience doesn’t necessarily make it feel any better. Instead, you need to replace the negative experience with one that is much more positive.

RRT provides that new experience, allowing you to quickly move forward. And the new experiences teach your brain to feel good about yourself, to recognize how great you truly are.

You might be surprised to discover that, in turn, these new experiences will change your entire life experience. When you feel good about who you are, then your whole environment changes in a positive way.

3. Attain Freedom from Guilt

Many people come to therapy feeling heavy, down, and overwhelmed with so many negative thoughts and symptoms that they don’t know where to begin.

Guilt is one of the most painful (but very common) feelings that people struggle with. Guilt is so damaging. When you plagued with guilt, you don’t think you deserve to have an amazing, successful life.

Society teaches us that our problems are of our own making. Then you hang on to that message.

Rapid Resolution Therapy helps you understand at a deeper level to let go of these unproductive and mostly useless messages. Furthermore, you can learn to adopt a much more compassionate and realistic attitude. After all, we all do the best that we can at each time of our life.

RRT helps your brain move into the present moment where you have the power to create positive changes in your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to release yourself from guilt, move forward, leave the pain behind, and open yourself to a lighter way of being with yourself in the here and now? That’s what RRT offers.

4. Gain a New Perspective

One of the foundations in the framework of RRT is avoiding judgment and not assigning blame.

With a therapist modeling compassion and self-acceptance, you will learn to free yourself from criticism and harshness. Just like guilt, self-judgment weighs you down and holds you back from your dreams. What we think, and what we say to ourselves throughout the day, become what is true for us.

As an RRT expert, I can help you to change your perspective and begin to focus and be clear on how you want your life to look and feel.

5. Experience Brighter, Lighter, More Energetic Days

As you go about creating positive changes in your life with the help of RRT, one of the very first things that you will notice is that you FEEL MUCH BETTER. People describe this feeling as lighter and brighter than before.

You may experience a surge of energy and a swell of happiness that others will notice. This is truly a gift that you give yourself.

6. Enjoy the Feeling of a Relaxed Body and a Peaceful Mind

As you participate in sessions, you will automatically experience and begin to learn lessons in relaxing your body and calming your mind. You might be surprised to realize that you haven’t truly relaxed in years.

RRT gives you that gift of relaxation. You will find yourself spontaneously enjoying these experiences in the future as you need them. It’s a tool that will always be available to you, no matter where you are.

7. Keep Creating Positive Changes in Your Life

Rapid resolution therapy does not use analyzing and reliving the past as a tool of recovery. In contrast, it focuses on the present and creating a better future.

An RRT session is built around setting an intention. Create your own dreams. Imagine your goals and hopes. Envision and create the life that you want.

In other words, you transform your thoughts toward all of the positive changes that you wish to achieve in your life. Moreover, you connect with those changes in such a way that they become possible.

You realize your dreams!

If you want to begin creating positive changes in your life today, then Rapid Resolution Therapy could be the answer. Learn more about it here.