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Memory Reconsolidation Through RRT – How Does It Work?

Often, when we have unpleasant or frightening experiences, we can’t seem to shake them from our mind. They stick with us. After a while, the memory of the events may fade. Though, only to suddenly and unexpectedly return with a vengeance due to something we see, hear, or even smell. Instantly, our thoughts get thrown right back to that moment when it all happened, replaying the whole incident over again.

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Creating Positive Changes in Your Life: 7 Ways Rapid Resolution Therapy Can Help

The start of the new year is a perfect time to begin creating positive changes in your life. We all wish for a better, happier life in the new year. However, we don’t have to just wish; we have the power to make positive changes. For example, for this new year, start imagining how you [...]

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To Save Your Marriage, It’s Crucial to Address Post Infidelity Trauma Disorder

Despite extramarital affairs being commonplace in the modern world, these unfortunate happenings often feel like the dropping of a huge bomb. Especially when you’re the one who was betrayed. It’s not uncommon for you to feel trapped inside the traumatic experience, bubbling up rage and anger every time something reminds you of the incident. Feeling [...]

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How to Move On after Sexual Trauma with Rapid Resolution Therapy

In my last post, “Molestation and Sexual Assault: How They Impact You,” I’ve discussed how sexual trauma can impact a person. Often, the underlying sexual trauma is the root of all kinds of seemingly unrelated problems that eventually manifest themselves in emotional dysregulation. This happens because the original trauma is stored in the person’s brain [...]

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