Grief is a state of Suffering

Relief from Suffering

Grief can be exhausting. Losing a loved one, or a job or vocation, or divorce, or experiencing any other serious loss, can cause the suffering of Grief.

Losing a loved one or a close relationship can leave an empty space in our life. Many believe that Grief should be a long process and overcoming Grief should take a long time. Our society reinforces this by expecting us to prolong our Grief. Pressure from society is common.

Some have said that the people around them expect their Grief to last for a long time and if it doesn’t, they are “in denial.” Others say they feel guilty if they don’t suffer the loss for a long time. It is common for people to feel that long-suffering grief means they are honoring the loved one. I disagree.

As a Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) practitioner, I view “Grief” very differently.

Grief is a state of suffering. The objective of RRT is to end suffering and be grief-free. When suffering is prolonged – any kind of suffering – it is not good for yourself or for those you care about.

In Rapid Resolution Therapy, we start from the belief that to end suffering is good for your health and well-being, and it frees you to be well and available for others in your life.

You are “light” and your nature as a person is to feel at peace

I join practitioners of Rapid Resolution Therapy in believing that “you are light” and your nature as a person is to feel at peace.

You are the light — a whole self — before you were even born. And you will continue to be after the body no longer exists. Forever. RRT seeks to switch our view from that empty space to who your loved one is now. Their body is not who they are, but where they were.

We believe that a loved one who has passed is now at peace in their “true light.”

RRT provides new and fresh perspectives to create a sacred and a loving connection with your loved one. A connection that is ongoing and present. Grief happens when the primitive mind triggers emotions, sensations or impulses to promote connection in a way that is no longer possible.

Pathological Grief

Pathological Grief can be conscious or unconscious and without treatment, can continue indefinitely. It can cause isolation, dependency, anger, loneliness, depression, and spiritual disconnection. Sorrow over the loss of a loved one is natural. However, Prolonged Grief is a dysfunctional state where the passing is not what is causing the grief, anger or regret.

Painful emotions are caused by the primitive mind to hold onto your connection with that person, in the old form.

Primitive mind triggers thoughts or feelings that you “should” keep that connection to your loved one in a way that is impossible, in three dimensions.
In RRT, we recognize that your loved one’s passing is not the cause of Grief, but rather those painful emotions caused by the primitive mind insisting that you do something to stop this from happening.

RRT can help you overcome Grief by transforming your feelings to reconnect with your loved one now. You can be at peace in a connection that is ongoing and present.

Pressure from Family and Society

Many people feel pressure from others to prolong their Grief. And yet, the amount of grief has nothing to do with the amount of love you feel for your loved one.
This may arise from the belief that Grief is the only connection that remains between you and your loved one – the only way to keep your connection is through Grief – and if you stop the grieving, you will lose that connection.

Feeling that “this should not have happened” or “it is wrong” that a loved one or relationship has been taken away from us is a very challenging emotional state. In this state of mind, we are stuck feeling it is “not fair” or “someone is to blame.”

RRT holds that Grief not the connection. In fact, Grief may be blocking your true connection to them.

Rather than honoring the loved one, Grief stops us from connecting with their love, beautiful memories, and gifts that they shared with us.

Unresolved conflict

You are not alone if you feel that something was “left unsaid” or there was a disagreement between you not resolved. Sometimes, there is a memory of pain or suffering you feel they caused you in life.

RRT methods enable you to transform feelings of unresolved anger or guilt that could cause the “stukness” of grief and depression to feelings of ease and clarity and promote a connection that may be better than ever before.

Long Grieving as a measure of the love that was shared

Our common beliefs about “love” may contribute to prolonged Grief. If deep grief is a sign of love, then the more we prolong Grief, the more we demonstrate how much we loved them. In this way of thinking, overcoming Grief quickly can mean that our love was shallow or insufficient. In this way of thinking, we object to being Grief-free, which in turn traps us in a state of suffering. Measuring “love” by degrees of suffering can confine a person in a mental state that is very hard to resolve.

Another way to stay connected

Another belief holds that Grief is the only connection that remains and the only way to connect. If Grief is disappear, then we would have no other way to connect. In RRT, we find that Grief itself not the connection. Grief is blocking the true connection, like a “ a thick dark cloud ” that keeps you away from the ongoing rays of the sun.

Restoring an Ongoing Connection

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a process that beckons the mind to shift from that connection that’s no longer possible to an eternal, everlasting one that honors and celebrates the true connection to our loved one. Honoring your loved ones means remembering them for the good they brought to your life; enjoying happiness and well-being to honor them.

Loss of job or vocation can be a challenging time for many. Rediscovering your life’s purpose and meaning can be a rewarding and satisfying journey. Shift of perspective and attitude can make all the difference.

Although you are in a confusing place right now, there is hope for a happier, more fulfilling life. With my guidance, you can overcome the burden of grief or depression and move forward with greater peace and confidence.

RRT is a state-of-the-art treatment model that enables us to process and move past emotional pain quickly and effectively. Thoughts and beliefs have a strong impact on our body and our life. Visualization, breathing, emotion-regulating techniques and mindfulness exercises that engage every part of the brain and body work to transform suffering well being.

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