Rapid Resolution Therapy Offers a Pathway to Healing

Lady Bird Johnson was famous for her many contributions to society, including her hard work to beautify our external environment in parks and along the roadways. We can aim to remove “clutter” from our internal environment: useless thoughts and beliefs that get us stuck in places we don’t want to be.

Being aware that you need to get rid of feelings, thoughts or habits that no longer serve you is a sign of strength. Spring shows us how nature renews itself with relentless power and grace.

Being open to change in perspective by adapting new beliefs and attitudes can be transforming for us and good for everyone around us.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, and the perfect time for “spring cleaning” our own perceived limitations. After so many months of being inside and separated from others, especially during COVID, today is a good day to practice being kind to yourselves and others.

One healing action is to practice taking deep breaths and releasing physical and negative feelings and thoughts.

Use your imagination. Think of yourself being surrounded by beautiful nature. Such a simple practice has an amazing, cumulative effect on our nervous system.

I am only a phone call away, and now accepting clients for in-office or online therapy sessions.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

We have made use of COVID downtime to enhance our skills with Rapid Resolution Therapy. These are a few of the courses that I completed over the past few months.

Rapid Resolution Therapy® Intensive Online Course earned 40 Hours of Continuing Education Credit.
Pathological Grief with Dr. Jon Connelly

Rapid Resolution Therapy Online Advanced Training by Dr. Jon Connelly, PhD, MSW, LCSW This training earned 16 continuing education hours.

Clearing Childhood Abuse with RRT, a video conference that provided extensive guidance on clearing childhood abuse.

Relapse Prevention Training

Manifestations of Anxiety Workshop

Rapid Anger Resolution Workshop

RRT and Oriented Couples Counseling

I am here to help, only a phone call away. Now accepting clients for in-office or online therapy sessions.