Time to Take Care of You

Every new season comes with a promise and burdens, too.

Open Arms

Summer is no different. For many, Summertime brings hope for rest and recuperation. Vacation travel or days on the beach.

Normal routines are relaxed during the Summer and may give way to more time for you.

Summertime may also bring burdens: children at home all day; dreading long, hot months; fading optimism as the end of Summer approaches.

August is an ideal month for you to stop and take time to focus on you, your mental health and well-being.

Many people feel like their own health and happiness was put on hold for too long. Many feel their own life balance got out of sync, either because of the COVID pandemic or simply the natural pressures of life and family.

Take one important step now to focus on you.

Let me assist you in making your mental health – your peace of mind – a priority. I am only a phone call away and accept clients for in-office or online counseling sessions.

Being aware that you have feelings, thoughts, or habits that do not serve you is a sign of strength. Taking action to care for yourself can also help make you a better parent, spouse, or family member.

Being open to change in perspective by adapting new ideas and attitudes can be transforming for us and good for everyone around us. But how much time can you devote to yourself in counseling sessions?

One approach to focusing on you and your mental well-being is called Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). I have been utilizing this method of therapy with great success for the past ten years.

Unlike other approaches, RRT can provide positive results in a few sessions.

No matter what challenges you are facing or how stuck you have been feeling, let me introduce you to a highly effective, innovative way to heal traumatic experiences, resolve negative feelings or thoughts and find lasting relief. Read more about RRT here.

I am only a phone call away, please call (281) 693-1455 for a brief first conversation to focus on you.